A.J. Seo L.Ac.

A.J. Seo is a Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of California since 2009.  A.J. is a graduate of the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, in Oakland, CA, a four-year Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medical program that includes over 1,000 clinical hours.  A.J is trained to prescribe Chinese Herbs and provide services such as acupuncture, cupping, and Tui Na massage and more.

A.J. is a first-generation Korean-American.  Her parents grew up in Korea and she draws from the intrinsic healing that is integrated in the day-to-day culture in Korea.  For many years, her extended family in Korea ran a ginseng export business, one of the most famous herbs used in the Chinese Medical system for strength and vitality.  She feels that understanding how to integrate medicine into daily life is an important way to stay healthy.


Living in the U.S., A.J. feels that we have access to not only Chinese Herbs but an abundance of Western Herbs that often grow domestically and can be easy to grow at home, buy/gathered locally.  She has studied at the California School for Herbal Studies, a school founded by Rosemary Gladstar, a famous Western herbalist, where she has expanded her herbal knowledge to include Western herbs.  A.J. also regularly participates in the Northern California Womens Herbal Symposium, learning about traditional herbal healing methods from many traditions.

A.J. has also been interested and has found great value in inner psychic work and meditation as it relates to healing and wellness.  A.J. is a graduate of the Clairvoyant Training Program at Psychic Horizons, a three-year training program designed to help clear inner psychic blockages. 

A.J. draws on her psychic work to improve her ability to help her patients by using medical intuition.

A.J.’s approach toward healing is “nature first, drugs last” and likes to offer an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical-based medicine.  In addition to Chinese and Western Herbs, A.J. provides diet/lifestyle recommendations for patients to heal their own bodies.  She likes to work with folks who are looking to deal with their acute health issues and continue them on toward leading a lifestyle of health and wellness.