Body and Energy Work

Body and Energy work can help you maintain your health and wellness.  Moving the blood, qi and lymph can help your body to process toxins, maintain your body systems, process stuck old patterns mentally, emotionally and physically.

Talk to us about bodywork and energy work.  We do offer distance energy work. We offer a limited amount of in person sessions but would be happy to refer you to body and energy workers in your area.



A.J. specializes in pain management, stress reduction and general wellness.  Patients experience immediate results.


Listen to the call from within. Have you needed and wanted to feel met and understood at your depths  Have you been in cycles of fear, grief, despair, hopelessness and long to be held and seen in who you are? Have your relationships been hitting all those familiar patterns and you want help to find the love and resources you once experienced together? Your body hears and stores your thoughts and stories. Your relationships have their own awareness that hears as well.  Your brain gets wired around your negative beliefs about yourself and your world. Your relationships and your brain become patterned around the negativity bias, but the good news is that our brains and bodies are repairable. We can soothe the traumatized listener within in order to thrive. We have the capacity to grow and heal. We can cultivate resilience in these troubled times and yes, even thrive! A good therapy fit can be magic. It can create a space that composts the wounds and transforms them into rich and nourishing soil that can help to feed and grow all the areas of your life, and ripple out to others, creating resilient communities.

Areas that we can help with:

__Fear and hopelessness

__Grief and loss

__Relationship complexities


__Gender issues

__Physical, sexual, emotional spiritual, social and collective trauma

__Psychic overwhelm and trans-mediumship

__Issues with the relentless inner critic


__Pregnancy and postpartum issues

__Body image issues

__Eating disorders

__LGBTQI concerns

__Kink, poly, pagan, alternative sexuality dynamics

__Sex and sexuality issues

__Help in getting/staying off of psychopharmaceuticals

__Fertility issues and conscious conception

__Health issues

__Decreasing physical symptoms

__Improving overall well being

__Stress reduction

__Pain issues

__Autoimmune issues

__Activism burnout

__Helper burnout

__Burning man and other festival burnout and reintegration back into the world.

__Sensitivity issues

__Psychic porousness

__Spiritual traveling and needing to come back home to the body

__Body mind connection/disconnection

__Spiritual connection/disconnection

__Healing from racism and antisemitism, sexism, homophobia, classism, etc.

__Internalizing oppression

__Anger and power dynamics

__Blocked or thwarted creativity

__Mindfulness cultivation

With deep presence, authenticity and genuine care these are some of the modalities I utilize in psychotherapy:

  • EMDR

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Depth and Transpersonal therapy

  • Psychodrama and Art therapy

  • Writing

  • Somatic based therapies

  • Alternative and Complementary Medical Integration

  • Traditional Talk Therapy

  • Movement therapy

  • And More