21 Day Nourishing Mind-Body Cleanse

Using Standard Process 21 Day Purification Cleanse

Tailored to your individual needs.


The purification program is designed to clean out toxins, improve brain and organ function, and improve overall health.

Although spring is the most ideal time to cleanse, we can benefit from cleansing anytime of year!


Some of the ways the purification program can improve health:

*Kickstart Entire Body to Function & Heal Normally

Weight Loss (especially stubborn fat)

*Clear up Skin Issues

*Reduce/Eliminate Allergies

*Clear up Brain Fog and Memory issues

*Reduce Anxiety/Depression and other Mood Issues

*Clear Out Excess Hormones and Xenohormones

*Reduce risk of autoimmune disease/help reverse autoimmune disease

*Reduce risk of cancer/want to reverse cancer/history of cancer

We use the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Kit as the basis for the cleanse. We have gotten amazing results from standard Process Suppliments and specifically from the cleanse.  We have expanded on the kit to include our nourishing mind and body cleanse.  As a bonus, we will encourage participants to investigate the mental part of the cleanse and see where they can clear spiritual/mental/emotion and physical blockages in their lives. It is an opportunity for participants to take time during the three weeks to clean out and feng shui their lives inside and out.


The price of the program is $325 plus shipping and includes:

  • Our Nourishing Mind Body Cleanse Package including resources, guidelines and tools for your cleanse journey.

  • 21-Day Standard Process Purification Kit A.J. Seo, L.Ac

  • 4 group meetings including holistic health information and a meditation

  • Discounts on consultations and readings


This cleanse is best done with friends and family members. How many times have we wanted to help those we love stay healthy. This is the way to help keep your loved ones healthy. Consider reaching out to family members who have health issues and whom might benefit. The best success comes from doing it with a friends or family members especially the ones whom might be living in the same household. Participants can be anywhere in the U.S. as we can ship kits anywhere in the U.S.. 

Few Notes: 1. This cleanse is NOT recommended for women whom are pregnant.

2. We DO recommend it for women whom are trying to get pregnant. It's one of the best things you can do before getting pregnant and will increase your chances of getting pregnant and create an optimal environment for your baby.

3. What about nursing mothers? We DO recommend it for women who are nursing and at least 6-months-to-a-year postpartum and sufficiently recovered with enough energy to undergo a cleanse.

 Take the time to take care of your health and start this spring off on the right foot.

In this day and age, we live in a toxic world. Some of the food we eat may unknowingly contain pesticides or GMOs, some the products we apply to our bodies (shampoo, deodorant, lotions, make up, sunblock) may be giving us daily doses of chemicals absorbed through our skin. The water you buy at the store in plastic may be leaching xenohormones and other chemicals in the water you drink. What about any prescription or over-the-counter medications including ibuprofen that can get stored in our body? How do we safeguard our health and help our bodies stay healthy?

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