• Rosa and A.J.

21 Day Standard Process Nourishing Mind/Body Cleanse-Half way through!

We are half way through our 21 day mind/body cleanse. We thought it might be helpful to frame what we are doing here for people who want more information about what is different about our cleanse. The reasons to cleanse are many and not the point of this post. What we want to talk about today is the how we are cleansing.

Oftentimes in our diet crazy and fat phobic culture we are inundated with toxins AND toxins in the form of negative information and energy about our bodies. Our approach to cleansing is about supporting our body systems and organs to function. In order to have the energy to do that we need to nourish and we need to cleanse. Our 21 day Standard Process Nourishing Mind/Body cleanse helps do just this with high quality non-gmo, non-synthetic, whole food supplements and foods.

We encourage being kind to your body as you are helping your systems clean out. This is about lovingly coming into your body and listening. It is not about shaming your body in any way!

We individualize your cleanse to fit your health, body and mind needs. You can now do our cleanse on your own and not in the group format. Talk to us about getting signed up to do your individualized cleanse.