• Rosa and A.J.

Gut Health

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Everyone has been talking about the importance of Gut Health in wellness and mood. This is great news that we are beginning to really understand more about our interdependence and symbiotic relationship with microbes. Disbiosis or the imbalance of the gut flora can wreak havoc on your whole body and being. That can be further complicated by gut permeability or "leaky gut". Stress plays a key role in all of this imbalance as does diet.

But maybe you have an already amazing diet and you are still suffering from all these symptoms like sever seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, depressions , gas, bloating, fatigue, etc. Maybe your digestion is still suffering despite all of your attempts to repair it (eg. taking probiotics, eating kraut). The reason why may be that you still have not "weeded", and "seeded" your gut and then "sealed" and "healed" the gut. When we take probiotics they work temporarily but do not help to actually recolonize the gut. We have a great Standard Process Protocol, which consists of two programs. The first is designed to help the gut Flora by "weeding" and "seeding". The second one works to "seal" and "heal" the leaky gut by treating the stretched out junctions and making them tighter and more tone.

Join us in our Gut Health Programs. The Programs are 10 weeks for the Gut Flora Restoration Protocol and 12 Weeks for the Seal and Heal Protocol. They are meant to be done successively. We have a special running for the month of June offering %10 off the price of both programs. Sign up now and get your savings. You will also receive three Health Consults throughout the program. You will also get a Medical Intuitive check to help look deeper at your gut health. At the end of this program you will have a completely restored and new gut lining. Don't miss this opportunity to get your health on track. Contact us now. rainandsunfamilywellness@gmail.com