• Rosa and A.J.

Reasons to do our spring SP Mind/Body Cleanse

Our spring cleanse is just around the corner. There are so many reasons to do the this cleanse. This year has been especially trying form many people. The natural disasters alone, (hurricanes, wild fires, mudslides etc.) have created a huge amount of stress, which our bodies have to process. The liver in particular has a big role in filtering out toxins. If your liver is overloaded it can not function optimally. This can lead to a whole array of symptoms including hormone disregulation and mood disturbances.

The mind and being become gummed up with all sorts of information as well. In these times, we are inundated with extremely negative news that evokes great amounts of fear. Our fear and stress responses have all become regular parts of our daily lives. This has a huge effect on our wellbeing. Stress, in fact, can and does create dis-ease. Most of us have become desensitized to the extreme effects that stress has on our bodies and minds. It can reduce the innate

resilience and lead to a whole array of problems.

Standard Process uses the highest quality organic ingredients to help you regain balance.

Our goal in doing these cleanses is to help support you to become more balanced, body, mind and spirit. Please join us for our upcoming cleanse starting April 25, 2018. Sign up by April 18th so we can get you set up.