Rain and Sun Family Wellness understands that there are vast inequalities in our culture which can impede access to good quality care.  To that end we are working on areas to improve our accessibility. We are working on accepting  medi-cal and other insurance in the future. At this time we have a sliding scale available in some instances.  

We encourage you to view your investment in your health as invaluable. With a focus on prevention, this investment can actually save you exorbitant health costs from getting very ill. 


Psychotherapy $150 for 50-60 minute sessions via video or phone

limited in person sessions. Sliding scale available in some instances.

Therapeutic Psychic and Medical intuitive Readings- $225 for a two hour reading or $125 for 60 minutes via video, phone or other distance healing

limited in person sessions. Typically readings run closer to two hours. 

Comprehensive Whole Health Intake- $225 via video or phone

limited in in person intakes available.

Herbal and Whole Health Consultations -$135 for 1/2 hour session via video or phone


Follow-ups-$100 for 1/2 hour consultation via video or phone

limited in person sessions

Bodywork and Energy work-$125 in person or via video, phone, or other distance healing

limited in person sessions

Acupuncture- $75 in person

limited in person sessions

Specials and Packages

60 minute combined session with A.J and Rosa-$175 


Individual Nourishing Mind/Body Cleanse- $350

*Please note that there is an additional cost for in-person services.