Therapeutic Psychic & Medical Intuitive Readings and Energy Consultations

Rosa Reinikainen is a Minister through the Church of Natural Grace in San Francisco, CA.  

Psychic readings with Rosa can be a great way to take care of yourself. and get your

information. Readings can help you ground, get your space back.  They can help you

center yourself, get into your own power*. Rosa combines her deep understanding of

human psychology and body/being awareness to her readings. Clear psychic blockages

and get information about a question/questions you may have! Some common areas to

get readings on:

  • Health

  • Relationships & Love

  • Career

  • Trouble Manifesting/Abundance blockages

  • Pet Health

  • Buying Home/Land

  • Family

  • Death/Dying

  • Conception

  • Spiritual Life

  • Community

  • Business


What to expect from a reading with Rosa
Your reading will be done on our secure and private videoconferencing platform.  Rosa will give you your instructions, which generally include sitting with your feet on the floor.  You may want to prepare by creating a quiet environment, free from any distractions, interruptions or outside listeners.  Rosa will be sitting with eyes closed for the most part.  While you will have ample opportunities to talk about your space, your experience, and your information, Rosa will spend a good portion of the time reading your energy and your space around your presenting issues and concerns. 
The purpose is to get your information to help you along in your growth cycle., including any barriers you might have.  It is not about predicting the future as much as clearing the blockages to being in present time and manifesting the life that you want now! 
These readings can create life altering shifts and changes ranging from subtle to very deep and powerful.  Be ready for these changes! As we shift our energy toward alignment we can make the way for our natural wellbeing and havingness.
Medical Intuitive readings can be combined with Other Holistic Appointments to help clear out blockages to wellness.  They are included in the Comprehensive Intake and other specials we are offering.

*While psychic readings have therapeutic value they, are not psychotherapy.  Please see psychotherapy offerings below.if you are interested in receiving psychotherapy.


*Psychic readings and other forms of spiritual activism have been used in marginalized and oppressed communities throughout time as a way to heal, sustain and overcome oppression.