Rosa Reinikainen MFT,
Minister,Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Herbalist, Body/Energy Worker, Educator

Rosa Reinikainen is Holistic Marriage and Family Therapist. She was initially licensed as a psychotherapist in 2002 in New Mexico and has been licensed in California since 2007. She been committed to the helping professions for over 25 years.  After working for many years as a preschool teacher she began working in non-profits, and mental health settings in the early 90’s. In undergraduate school she studied psychology and women’s studies at the University of New Mexico.


Southwestern College 

She continued this love of the psyche and sitting with people in graduate school at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Southwestern College is a Transpersonal graduate school for counseling and art therapy. While at Southwestern College she trained in Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi and other body centered therapies, Psychodrama, Art Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Eco-psychology, spiritual ritual, multicultural counseling and school counseling.

Non-Profit Work

She has worked extensively with traumatized and marginalized populations. In the nonprofit sector she has worked with domestic and sexual violence survivors and offenders, including shelters from domestic violence and rape crisis centers, LGBTQI folks, homeless populations, school settings as a school counselor, and community mental health settings. She has extensive experience working in several areas of prevention and treatment including: suicide prevention, child abuse prevention, drug and alcohol abuse and anger management. 


Rosa has received extended training in trauma and the brain, body centered therapies, psychodrama, sand tray, dream work, relationship/couples therapy including alternative configurations, cultural humility and awareness, complementary and alternative medicine, EMDR certification, mindfulness and meditation practices, neurobiology, and healthy attachment in relationships. She is certified in complementary and alternative medicine and is certified in nutritional psychology. She integrates narrative therapy and story telling with great respect for importance of each persons individual and adaptive stories. Rosa is a passionate lifelong learner, reader and researcher and is regularly updating her knowledge to bring comprehensive understanding of the body, mind and spirit.

Body and Energy Work

Rosa is also a body worker and natural therapeutic specialist. After graduate school she attended the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics where she studied, Swedish massage, polarity therapy, cranial sacral therapy, core synchronism, shiatsu, hydrotherapy, radionics, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, nutrition, pre and post natal massage, homeopathy, western herbal medicine, Tai Chi, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, colon health and colonics, nature cure, and other holistic modalities. Rosa holds a Reiki II certification.


Along with her lifelong love of plants and plant medicine she has attended California School of Herbal Studies as well Rosemary Gladstar’s Art and Science of Herbal Medicine home study. Among other community education classes on plant medicine. She is committed to plant and botanical activism. 


Trauma is an kind of opening or portal. Rosa helps people with trauma to transform the wounds of into the gifts using psychic meditation. This has powerful effects on peoples lives.

Rosa is also a minister with the church of natural grace and has gone through four years of clairvoyant training through psychic horizons in San Francisco, and has been utilizing her clairvoyant training for over 10 years, both in integration with psychotherapy and in stand alone readings.

Work with Alternative Sexualities and Communities

Rosa has worked for over 20 years with alternative sexual communities. While in private practice in San Francisco, Rosa collaborated with Dossie Easton, MFT to create a series of CEU offerings teaching cultural competency for therapists specifically working with the kink, polyamory, and sex workers and pagan communities. 

Doctoral Studies at Western Institute for Social Research

Rosa is currently working on a doctoral degree in Education and Social Change at the Western Institute for Social Research, (WISR), where she is focusing on human dignity and humiliation studies and social and spiritual activism. She is deeply committed to anti-racism work and dismantling white supremacy in all of its forms. She is especially interested in issues around social justice and how they relate to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and how the oppressor is internalized.


As a parent, she has a deep understanding of the issues and complexities in attachment and positive parenting.  She has an intimate understanding of birth and birth trauma and its effect on the well being of mothers and babies. She has helped people who are in their process of conscious conception and worked with issues around parenting including specific issues that arise in queer and transgender populations and parenting.

Holistic Health

Rosa has been a lifelong meditator, practicing various forms of meditation.  She has also been a lifelong athlete and believes in the power of regular exercise to heal the body and mind.  She also was raised with a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance healthy food to nourish the body, including the brain.  Depression and anxiety are often linked to nutritional deficiencies. Brain health can also be effected by toxic overload, including repetitive and chronic negative thinking or fear and stress. 

With her genuine love care for humanity, Rosa brings her uniquely integrated approach, based on her wide variety of training and experience to help her clients meet themselves more deeply and fully with kindness, compassion and love.